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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  February 23, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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he low -- hello, we have breaking news with the police department. >> reporter: wjz is gathering details about the story now. several city police officers have been arrested as part of a federal investigation. according to the media partner, the investigation may have something to do with the officer's arrangement with a towing company. the police and the u.s. attorney's office are expected to release more information soon. we'll keep you posted. derek, thank you. we'll bring you the latest on the story tonight. here are the other stories in libya. a bloody crime has failed stop the violence. it's prompted the obama administration to get u.s.
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citizens to safety quickly. >> reporter: there's violence and chaos trickling out of libya. the latest video shows protestors destroying monuments. gadhafi kept his grip on most of the capital. large areas in the east are out of his control. the state department is ferrying u.s. citizens to malta. gadhafi hasn't backed down. he says he's willing to die. >> he's defiant. he pledged more violence here. this suspect going to end quietly. >> reporter: the obama administration is calling for an end to the violence. it's avoided conflict with gadhafi itself. the administration has joined
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other governments to condemn gadhafi's actions. when the un tried to reach out, gadhafi's answers weren't helpful. >> many are unacceptable. >> everyone carry guns, weapons, turmoil. no security. we can't stay here. >> reporter: there's reports of as many as 1000 dead in the protests. in washington, wjz, eyewitness news. gadhafi has run libya since overthrowing the king 40 years ago. the senate is allowing debating to consider same sex marriage. ron matz has more. >> reporter: well, hi, jessica, the senate could decide the fate of same sex marriage in a few days. a vote could come next tuesday.
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24 senators have said they would support the legislation. that's the bare minimum needed to advance the bill. if approved, it will go to the house. governor o'malley said he'll sign it if it reaches his desk. >> maryland could be the 6th state to allow same sex marriage. it's not a question whether or not cleveland williams killed his wife, but did he set out to do it. >> reporter: the jury is really deciding when did he decide to kill his wife. was it days in advance or on the spur of the moment in a fit of rage? >> reporter: it was a shocking seen inside of the eastside district courthouse as a man sat on top of a woman stabbing her in november of 2008. an officer tried to save her by
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shooting her husband with a taser. he's on trial for her murder. was the killing premeditated or voluntary. if he was in a rage, provoked, a lesser charge may apply. the jury deliberated three hours yesterday, almost 3 today, they had one question about evidence, including a knife. we'll let you know what happened. >> reporter: if that's the verdict, ten years would be the maximum sentence. murder would mean life. now, to more breaking news. there's a large better main break. good afternoon, mike. >> good afternoon, don. we're looking at a ten inch water main that broke around 9:45 this morning in dundalk.
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it caused a large amount of water to go on the roadway. it's likely to take more than a day to repair the water main. it's at the intersection. in fact, the police have completely shut down the avenue between sours point and dundalk as repairs are underway. there are a lot of businesses and homeowners that will be without water for some time. this is a significant event. back to you. thank you, captain mike perry. and now, we're learning more about a deadly shooting in parkville over the weekend. the police identified the victim as brandon jackson. he was shot and killed early sunday morning. that was after getting into a fight with a group of people. a $2000 reward is being offered to lead to information of his
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killer. it's a beautiful, sunny day in charm city. it's warming up. are we in store for a warmup? marty bass is in the out back and bernadette woods is in the weather center. let's go to temperatures. this is where we started out the day. it was a cold one. [muffled audio] we've rebounded to 35 degrees. we're going to show you the first warning doppler weather radar. what we have going on is nothing around our area. when we open it up. you'll see, not that far away, we have another storm system. it's moving our way. for more on that, we'll send it to marty. >> well, it doesn't look like a lot now. when you used the word storm, well, you would if it was cold around we were talking winter leather. this low is gathering moisture
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and we've put the word storm down and heavy rains possibility. by that, we're talking about 3/4 inch of rain. that would akuwait that would be about 9 inches of snow. we're already saying around western maryland and garrett county, we could be seeing some flooding. it's not impossible. it will illuminate more counties around the state. okay, we know we're getting rain, what comes after that? bernadette woods has the details coming up shortly. now, back inside. it's getting easier for the police officers in baltimore county to write traffic tickets. the handwritten paper ticks will be replaced soon by electronic citations. the switch will put the time from 20 minutes to 5 minutes.
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they'll have the new system in place in a year. >> the total up front cost of the projects is approximately $5 million. we expect to recoup the cost in as little time as two to three months and as out ward as five years. >> the county will also allow permitting to be done online. some good news for shoppers. this grocery store chain is freezing prices on some staples. store officials say this the food prices are expected to increase overall and they want to make it easier for families to get the products they need. >> we love them. >> yeah, it's fun to go there. and it's nuts, too. >> still to come. buried alive. crews work to free the victims
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burr rid under a -- buried under a powerful earthquake. >> after another round of winter weather, are warmer temperatures on the way? we'll have the complete first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rescue workers are still looking for people who are still missing in new zealand after the earthquake. 300 people are still missing, several hundred are dead. police say they doubt anyone inside a huge office building survived. several are injured in a crash in missouri. it brought rush hour to a stand still. the interstate was shutdown for hours after the crews cleared the wreckage. no word on the injured drivers. rahm emanuel has a new job, mayor of chicago. after winning a close election,
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he's keeping things in perspective. >> until that child can go to school thinking of their study an not their safety, we haven't won anything. >> reporter: the president called rahm emanuel to congratulate him on the win. he captured 55% of the vote. the next story will sound like deja vu. lindsay lohan is due back in court today. she has pleaded not guilty to a felony theft case. she has another court date later on today. there's plenty of sunshine. it looks overcast. we'll have the forecast coming up. first, let's look at midday's stocks and last night's megamillions numbers. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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no major warmups, but we have light winds to go along with i. we're opening this up to show you a few more storms moving our way. this isn't a big storm yet. it's going to pick up from the gulf and move in our direction. we had a little bit of icing with it. that's the cause of a car accident in st. louis earlier. the rain will move our way later tomorrow and continue into friday the rain will pick up. here's a part of the storm and another from the south. that's going to have more moisture with it. even into friday, we'll have the rain around in the forecast. the winds will dry us out and it will cool down, but nothing that drastic. as far as the rainfall goes, out west between the melting snow and the rain expected, there's a flood watch. we would see this expanding. for the forecast today, 43
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degrees for the high. then, tonight, we'll go down to 25 degrees an here's the rain and that's arriving late. it will continue into friday. we'll have a little bit of a break into the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up in the five day. >> still to come, forget about apples. some say a drink aday keeps the doctor away. wjz-13 is always on, here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on the news and the first warning forecast, two to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's health batch, a -- health watch, a drink aday could be good for your heart. those who drink in moderation are less likely to develop heart disease. researchers studied those who had a drink a day and found that alcohol could increase good cholesterol in small amounts. 21 patients with cancer
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were followed and they took marijuana. 73% of the patients two took it it more food. those who speak several languages don't have memory problems. those proficient in four or more languages are five times less likely to have cog thattive problems -- cognitive problems. check in tonight with more on a high school wrestler that refused to compete with a girl wrestler. move our energy drinks, relaxation drinks are on the way. we'll have more, after dr. phil. stay with using your five- day forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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there's an accident in rice's. -- reisterstown. >> you can see, southbound, reisterstown's road is complete think closed. the police are conducting the investigation. thank you, very much. >> okay, we'll take the weatherside of things now with marty. thank you, bern, we want to take a look. four out of the next five days, we could have a chance of
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moisture. that's particularly as we get into friday. it's important to note, the temperature, dayside, it will be mild. within a month of spring, we could have the first sign that the overall -- overall, we're starting to move towards a new season. it's going to get cold again, yeah, it may snow again, that's a good five day when you look at the temperatures. let's throw it back inside. >> thank you, don't miss to anything's prime time lineup. at 10:00, it's criminal mind followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. >> >> we want to thank you for watching eyewitness news. i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. >> and i'm bernadette woods. have a great day, we'll see you back at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. ,,,,
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